Things to Know Before Moving to New York City

Things to Know Before Moving to New York City

New York is known for its sky-scraping buildings and rents that soar just as high. Home to 8.4 million people and growing, the city we love to call home is getting more and more crowded, and more and more expensive, by the minute. Just how expensive? We’ve put together the infographic below, detailing things all newcomers should know before loading the moving truck and heading to the Big Apple. From cost of living stats to income taxes to the best neighborhoods, here are a few of the things we think you should know before moving to New York City:

1. There’s A Lot of People in a Very Small Space

When most people think of New York, they think of Manhattan, but the city also includes the boroughs of Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. Crammed into these five boroughs are the 8.4 million people who call NYC home, making this the biggest city in the U.S. New York also ranks as the 6th most population dense city in the country, with a staggering 27,000+ people packed into every square mile. By comparison, the U.S. average is just 91 people per mile.

2. The Real Estate Market is Fierce

With so many people squeezed into a tiny area, it’s not surprising that New York’s real estate market is fiercely competitive and for most, outrageously expensive. The average price tag on a Manhattan home is $1.7 million, which is over 400% higher than the national average. Renters don’t get a break either. The average NY apartment rents out for over $4,000 a month, a fact which leaves many scrambling to find roommates or to get creative with housing in to make ends meet.

3. Everything Else Costs More Too

Pricey living doesn’t just stop at real estate; everything else, except for a visit to the doctor, is more expensive too! From foodstuffs to gas to beer and wine, you can expect to shell out more for just about everything. Having a budget and sticking to it may be one of the most important things for you to do if you want to survive in this city. We also recommend that you check out some of our tips for making your NYC move cheaper.

4. It’s a City of Endless Possibilities

If it sounds like all bad news so far, that’s just because we’ve saved the good news for last! New York is a land of opportunity – a great place to start a new career, attend one of the area’s prestigious universities, or try to figure out growing up. For those moving here for job opportunities, you won’t be disappointed. New York’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average, meaning that your chances of finding employment are better here. Plus, the NYC job market represents a wide range of industries, with ample jobs in everything from finance, sales, and business to technology and healthcare.

5. Did We Mention It’s Walkable and FULL of Things to Do?

The City that Never Sleeps never ceases to live up to its reputation. If you’re looking for a hometown rife with culture, arts, and entertainment, that’s always open, this is the place to be. Even better, it’s one of the most walkable cities in the world, and with the city’s excellent public transportation system, you’ll probably never need a car! If you’re looking for a neighborhood in the heart of all the action, be sure to check out Manhattan’s most walkable neighborhoods.

Moving to Manhattan

Despite the crowded quarters and expensive cost of living, we wouldn’t trade living in New York for anything. After all, where else can you ride the Central Park carousel, get the country’s best pizza at any time of the day (or night), or watch up-and-coming productions before they go “off Broadway”? If you’re ready to make the move to New York City, give us a call! With over ten years of local New York and long distance moving experience, we were named Manhattan’s best movers for a reason. We offer all customers free quotes, transparent pricing, excellent service, and some of the most affordable moving services in NYC.