Commercial Storage


Proudly serving NYC since 2006.

Does your business need room to grow? Our commercial storage solutions provide all of the space you need for storing files and other documents, holding excess inventory and supplies, or keeping unused office furniture and equipment. Renting storage space is much cheaper than renting additional commercial space, making this the most affordable way to expand your business. Our storage facilities are the perfect way to declutter your office or retail space so you can make room for additional headcount or simply get more organized.


Solutions Perfect for All Types of Businesses

We serve business customers in a variety of industries:


  • Wholesalers/Retailers: Find affordable storage for your excess inventory
  • Hospitality and Service: Storage for chairs, tables, dishes, linens, lighting, stages, and more
  • Contractors: Find a cheap space for your tools and construction materials
  • Medical/Dental: Off-site storage for unused equipment plus documents and records


Our commercial storage solutions give you the flexibility to choose from self-storage or on-demand options. Either way, you have the assurance of knowing your business assets and documents are safe in one of our secure, climate-controlled facilities.

Our Storage Facilities

  • 3 convenient self-storage and warehouse storage locations in the tristate area
  • FREE pick-up with our on-demand storage solution
  • Clean, modern, indoor facilities
  • 24-hour security surveillance
  • Cheaper than renting commercial/retail space
  • Self-storage or on-demand options

How Much Space Do You Need?

Size Dimensions Contents
X-Small 5’ x 5’ Great for storing document boxes, this tiny storage unit can accommodate between 30-40 standard file boxes.
Small 5’ x 10’ Perfect for documents or limited quantities of inventory, this unit can accommodate between 50-90 boxes depending on whether or not shelving is used. Alternatively, this could also hold the furniture from a single office or cubicle.
Medium 10’ x 10’ This unit can hold between 100 and 170 standard file boxes, or furniture from a couple of offices plus boxes.
Large 10’ x 15’ A large unit has room for somewhere between 150 and 300 file boxes depending on whether you opt for shelves or aisle space. This is also an ideally sized unit for storing equipment, desks, tables, and chairs.
X-Large 10’ x 20’ Easily store between 200 and 400 file boxes in our extra-large storage unit. Alternatively, use the space for storing desks, chairs, and other office furniture.
XX-Large 10’ x 30’ This roomy storage space is great for people like caterers who need lots of room for stacking chairs, tables, and linens, or for businesses that need a temporary solution for office furniture or equipment. With 300 square feet of space, this unit can easily accommodate hundreds of file boxes as well.

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