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Moving is a stressful and tiring process. That’s why we offer the most reliable and affordable moving services in Los Angeles, CA. We have been providing our customers with exceptional service for 15 years and are proud to be one of the top-rated movers in Los Angeles. Our 5-star team has extensive experience handling all types of moves – from apartments to single-family homes, office moves, or even international relocation. No matter what you need help with, we can take care of it and treat your move with the care and attention you deserve!


Let us handle everything from start to finish! We’ll pack up your things, load them onto trucks and unload them at your new home or office without any hassle on your part. Sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest! Get your free quote today by filling out the form on our website or give us a call at (213) 451-6183. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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Imperial Moving & Storage is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded moving company. Whatever your needs, we provide a seamless moving experience to Los Angeles that will relieve your stress (and take it easy on your wallet, too).


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With a city population of more than four million, Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the United States. It’s a big place, for sure, and it can be a little nerve-wracking to sift through all the information on work, schools, neighborhoods, and so on. To make things easier for you, we’ve created the following guide on all things LA. Here’s to a smoother transition!



  • Weather:Year-round sunshine. Temperate temps. Warm beaches. Ocean breeze. The climate in Los Angeles is highly attractive, and it’s one of the main reasons people move here.
  • Diversity: Ranked as one of America’s most diverse cities, Los Angeles is a beautiful melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, from Armenian to Asian to Black to Hispanic and Latino.
  • Opportunities: Actors, artists, musicians, creatives, entrepreneurs – LA is your city! From Hollywood hopefuls to startup strivers, there’s truly a great fit for any dreamer.
  • Entertainment: Hey Vegas, you’re not the only one dubbed the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” Attractions, adventures, and good times fill this cultural hub.
  • Lifestyle: Maybe it’s the sunshine. Or the Pacific Ocean. Or boundless cuisine, culture, arts, etc. Whatever it is, it’s easy to fall in love with the diverse and easygoing West Coast vibe.


  • Traffic:Every city has its drawbacks, and for La-La Land, it’s definitely the traffic congestion. In 2018, Angelenos lost an average of almost 130 hours sitting in traffic. Big oof.
  • Competition: With a county population of 10 million+ residents, everyone’s vying for work opportunities. It can be tricky to find a job if you don’t know where to look.
  • Cost of Living: With high desirability comes a high price tag. Homeownership is particularly challenging here. Silver lining? It’s still quite a bit cheaper than NYC (see below).
  • No Four Seasons: If you love snow and winter sports, you’ll have to take a road trip east. But hey, it’s not exactly a terrible tradeoff for all this sunny, consistent weather, right?
  • Lack of Parking: Though built with vehicles in mind, Los Angeles has abysmal parking. If you do find a spot, make sure to read signs carefully, so you don’t get a ticket.


  • Property tax:According to the Overview of Property Taxes by SmartAsset, the average county tax rate is 0.755%. Average property tax is $1,888 (compared to the US average of $2,700).
  • Sales tax:The state of California has a base sales tax rate of 7.25%. Combined with local taxes, the Los Angeles total sales tax rate is currently 9.5% (higher than many parts of the US).
  • CA state income tax:The state currently has ten separate tax brackets. Rates range from 1% to 13.3%. A resident’s individual rate depends on income and filing status (single or married).


The median home selling price in Los Angeles is currently $722,800. Compared to the national average selling price of just $237,000, this price tag can cause sticker shock for prospective homeowners. No wonder nearly 69% of Angelenos rent their homes. As for rentals, the median rent price is $1,370 per month for a 1BR apartment (or $16,440 annually) and $1,760 for a 2BR apartment (or $21,120 annually). While home prices and rental rates may sound high, if you’re moving to LA from NYC, you may not find them all too shocking.


Here are the cheapest neighborhoods to live in, in Los Angeles:


  1. Lakeview Terrace
  2. Crenshaw
  3. Mission Hills
  4. Sunland
  5. Arleta
  6. Fashion District
  7. Panorama City
  8. Wilmington
  9. West Hills
  10. Granada Hills


According to the Cost of Living in Los Angeles by BestPlaces, L.A. has a cost of living index of 173.3. This index is significantly higher than the national average of 100.


Here are some examples of individual costs (relative to the average of 100): Groceries (104.1), Healthcare (89.4), Housing (298.2), Utilities (93.7), and Transportation (165.3). The median household income in LA is currently about $65,000 per year. This median is higher than the US median of approximately $62,000.


Here’s a breakdown of the average monthly expenses in Los Angeles County for a family of four:


  1. Housing = $1,663
  2. Food = $830
  3. Childcare = $1,223
  4. Transportation = $1,159
  5. Health Care = $795
  6. Other necessities = $1,006
  7. Taxes = $1,016
  8. Total = $7,691 per month or $92,295 per year

For comparison, let’s take a look at the monthly costs in NYC for two adults + two kids:


  1. Housing = $1,789
  2. Food = $908
  3. Childcare = $2,773
  4. Transportation = $589
  5. Health Care = $1,238
  6. Other necessities = $1,088
  7. Taxes = $1,958
  8. Total = $10,344 per month or $124,129 per year

As you can see, there is a marked difference. Even though Los Angeles is considered a pretty expensive place to live, it’s still a lot cheaper than living in the Big Apple – more than 25% lower!



Ah, the sunshine and warm weather. It’s one of the biggest draws – if not the #1 reason – to move here. And if you’re trying to escape the dread of East Coast winters, this is the right place.


Los Angeles experiences the warmest temperatures between July and August, with August seeing an average high of 79°F and a low of 62°F. Conversely, the coolest months are from December to March, with an average high of 67°F and low of 51°F. Yeah, we know, break out the winter coats! Joking aside, the city offers consistent weather year-round.


The one downside to the consistent weather is that L.A. doesn’t really experience any significant seasonal variations. Snow is non-existent, and the city receives less than 19 inches of rainfall per year. But if you’re coming from New York or New Jersey, this might be exactly why you’re relocating here.


As for natural disasters, earthquakes are at the top of the list. Other frequent risks include flooding and wildfires. To be prepared, check out the County of Los Angeles’ Natural Disaster Guide.



Los Angeles has one of the most thriving economies in the nation. According to Business Insider’s 15 Biggest US Cities with Booming Economies Ranked, the city has both the sixth-highest average wage (almost $1,350 per week) and per capita GDP (over $68,000) in America.


When people think of LA, the film & television industry usually comes to mind. It certainly earns the title of “Entertainment Capital of the World.” Along with entertainment, other major industries include aerospace, financial services, education, manufacturing, technology, trade, and tourism.


Good news: jobs are abundant. The not-so-good news: a lot of them pay minimum wage (or about $14.25 per hour). Depending on your background and aspirations, you’ll want to prepare before jumping into the job market. It can be difficult to find work without knowing where to start.


Here are the Top 10 major employers in Los Angeles:


  1. Wells Fargo
  2. The Walt Disney Company
  3. Oracle
  4. Gap
  5. Apple
  7. PORAC
  8. Intel
  9. Alorica
  10. Western Digital

Like mentioned before, if you don’t know exactly where to look (or who to ask), it can be an uphill battle trying to land decent work. That said, here are some handy online resources: CareerBuilderCollegeRecruiterIndeedLinkedIn, and Work for the City of LA.



By now, you’ve probably heard about LA’s notorious traffic. If you haven’t, let’s just say it isn’t exactly the best. Regardless, the city does offer several transportation options to get around.


Transportation Options

When it comes to public transportation, there are many options throughout the city. These include AmtrakLA Metro SystemDASH, and FlyAway. For frequent flyers, there’s also Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Ridesharing is extremely popular, and you’ll find the usual suspects readily available (including Uber and Lyft). If you’re feeling adventurous, you could rent an electric scooter via a company like Bird.


Major Thoroughfares

Angelenos love their cars. If you plan to drive, you should get familiar with the most popular routes. Here are the major freeway numbers and names:


The 2 (Glendale), 22 (Garden Grove), 71 (Corona Expressway), 105 (Glen Anderson), 170 (Hollywood), 710 (Long Beach), 14 (Antelope Valley), 60 (Pomona), 101 (Ventura/Hollywood), 605 (San Gabriel), 10 (Santa Monica/San Bernardino), 57 (Orange), 91 (Riverside/Artesia), 118 (Simi Valley/San Fernando Valley), 405 (San Diego), 5 (Golden State/Santa Ana), 90 (Marina), and the 110 (Pasadena/Harbor).


Transportation Scores

According to Walk Score, Los Angeles scores the following: 67 (Walk Score), 53 (Transit Score), and 59 (Bike Score). Even though the city planners built LA to accommodate cars, in more recent years, the city has made great strides in boosting non-auto transportation, including investment in redevelopment, express bus lines, light rail, and more.



Okay, back to traffic in LA. Calling it a “slow-moving nightmare” doesn’t fully do it justice. According to Cities with the World’s Worst Traffic Congestion by US News, L.A. ranks #5, with an average of 128 hours lost to traffic congestion in 2018. At least it’s not the worst (that’d be Boston).



Wow, where to start? Los Angeles is the cultural and entertainment hub of not only California but, arguably, the entire nation. We could be here all day listing the amazing places and experiences. For brevity, we’ll stick with the greatest hits of things to do in Los Angeles, CA.



Let’s begin with parks. If getting outdoors, taking a nice stroll, and enjoying some peace & quiet is your jam, you won’t want for choices. Check out Topanga State Park for rich history, awesome vistas, and great hiking. For views of the Hollywood Sign, take a look at Lake Hollywood Park. Into skateboarding? We highly recommend rolling over to Venice Skatepark!



Looking for the best destinations? Venice Beach immediately comes to mind. Of course, we can’t bring up LA attractions without mentioning Rodeo Drive or The Sunset Strip for shopping, entertainment, people watching, and dining. Speaking of dining, some of the tastiest restaurants in the world are here: Lum-Ka-Naad (Thai), Felix (Italian), Mizlala (Mediterranean), and much more.



Love sports? L.A. residents are spoiled with so many options! Let’s start with pro teams. The list includes the Lakers and Clippers (NBA), Sparks (WNBA), Angels and Dodgers (MLB), Ducks and Kings (NHL), Galaxy and LAFC (MLS), and the Chargers and Rams (NFL). Minor leagues or semi-pros more your speed? Check out teams like the South Bay Lakers (NBA G League) or the Los Angeles Wildcats (XFL).


Other Highlights

As for other popular tourist destinations and local activities, there’s always something fun and exciting happening somewhere in the city. Head downtown to the Grand Central Market for great cuisine and culture. If you’re into museums and art, you should plant to tour The Broad, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), and the Natural History Museum (NHM).



Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), which provides education to more than 633,000 students, is the second-largest school district in the United States. Los Angeles is a populous city, and the quality of education varies depending on the neighborhood. Overall, the city maintains an average rating for public education. It is, however, home to some of the most exceptional schools in the country.


Highly-rated public schools include Granada Hills Charter High School (Granada Hills), Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (Faircrest Heights), and New West Charter School (Sawtelle). Are you looking for private education? Excellent private schools include Harvard-Westlake School (Bel Air and Sherman Oaks), Marlborough School (Hancock Park), and Windward School (Mar Vista).


As for higher education, L.A. is home to many notable colleges and universities. These schools offer a wide variety of stellar programs, from science and medicine to architecture and fashion design. Top institutions include California Institute of Technology (Caltech), University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Southern California (USC), and Loyola Marymount University (LMU).


When it comes to community colleges and trade schools, there is a wide selection (particularly for arts and fashion). Top choices include Los Angeles City College (LACC), The American Academy of Dramatic Arts – Los Angeles (AADA), and Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising – Los Angeles (FIDM).



According to Crime in Los Angeles by BestPlaces, the city has a property crime rate of 35.1. This rate is slightly lower than the national average of 35.4. However, the violent crime rate is currently 29.1, which is higher than the average of 22.7. Assault and robbery rates are particularly high. Assault is 422, and robbery is 256 per 100,000 residents (compared to the US averages of 283 and 135, respectively).



Before you move to the City of Angels, you’ll want to get your utilities up and running by the time you arrive at your new place. Here’s a list of the major providers in the LA area:



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While you might know the ins-and-outs of every NYC borough, you may not be quite as familiar with your new hometown. Here are some L.A. neighborhoods worth exploring:


Found between Silver Lake and Glendale, Atwater Village is a small, hip, and quiet neighborhood of about 14,000. It is about eight miles north of Downtown Los Angeles, and though it is on the smaller side, it packs quite a punch as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the City of Angels. As a lovely and walkable neighborhood, Atwater Village lives up to the ‘Village’ part of its name. It’s become more developed, however, which has led to heavier traffic and higher cost of living. Despite this, it still retains a small-town feel, with tree-lined streets and beautiful neighborhoods.


From modern and contemporary to architectural and mid-century, there is a nice selection of homes to rent or buy. The market is fairly competitive, which has resulted in the median home value approaching $900K, but rent is still relatively low at about an average of $1500 to $2,250.


For shopping and dining, Atwater Village offers many great options. It is home to cute coffee houses, bistros (like Dune), and boutiques. On Sunday mornings, locals and visitors like to head out to the Atwater Village Farmers’ Market for organic produce, fresh eggs, and heirloom tomatoes.


  • Population – Under 14,200 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $881,000
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $70,600
  • Rent Prices – $1,500 for studio and $2,995 for 2BR apartment
  • Schools – Atwater Avenue Elementary School, Glenfeliz Boulevard Elementary School, Holy Trinity Elementary School, Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts

Something to try: Take a reiki class at Cultivate Meditation + Wellness.


Like to be in the middle of it all? It doesn’t get any better than Downtown Los Angeles. As the central district of the city, it borders the 110, E. Washington Boulevard, and E. 4th Street. Home to everything from fashion to cuisine, this downtown has an artist’s heart. Despite being a concrete jungle filled with high-rise buildings – 760 in total – DTLA is highly walkable. There’s also plenty of public transportation options. Do keep in mind that things can get a little dangerous at night, so it’s best not to be wandering around in the late hours.


Over the last decade or so, Downtown LA has experienced quite the resurgence. You’ll find adventures and attractions for everyone, especially for foodies and artistic souls. Those relocating from NYC will immediately love the energy. And housing is reasonable, with a median value of just $650,600.


As for things to do, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice. Museum buff? Check out The FIDM Museum & Galleries and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Like basketball? Catch a Lakers or Clippers game at Staples Center. For foodies, dine at BestiaNightshade, or Broken Spanish for an unforgettable experience.


  • Population – Under 63,300 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $650,600
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $52,500
  • Rent Prices – $2,250 for studio and $4,010 for 2BR apartment
  • Schools – Utah Street Elementary School, John H. Liechty Middle School, Belmont High School, Felicitas & Gonzalo Mendez Senior High School

Something to try: Wonder at the view of DTLA from the OUE Skyspace Deck.


Home to beautiful green spaces and Dodger Stadium, Echo Park is a quintessential Central LA neighborhood, ideal for those into outdoor activities and simpler living. Centered around Echo Park Lake, it is also home to 575-acre Elysian Park, the oldest park in Los Angeles. The key to Echo Park’s charm? It provides a calm haven away from the noise and frenzy of the city. This point alone has attracted many millennial movers recently (mainly actors, artists, musicians, and tech professionals). To be expected, this has caused housing to ramp up in cost.


Just a little over three miles north of the downtown area, rent in this neighborhood averages about $1,800 per month. Home prices are not the highest in the county, but they’re still up there. As a result, more than 80% of residents rent their homes. Another downside is the lack of parking.


Over the years, Echo Park has seen a bit of a revitalization. This resurgence has led to several popular food and drink options, including Starbucks Reserve Bar, Tierra Mia Coffee, and Beacon Restaurant. There’s also the Echo Park Farmers’ Market, located on Logan Street at Sunset Boulevard on Friday afternoons.


  • Population – Under 44,500 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $854,000
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $55,400
  • Rent Prices – $1,325 for studio and $2,745 for 2BR apartment
  • Schools – Clifford Elementary School, Gabriella Charter School, New Covenant Academy, Baxter Montessori School, Golden West Christian School

Something to try: Pedal a boat or take a leisurely stroll at Echo Lake Park.


As one of the oldest and most established neighbors in the City of Angels – it was incorporated in the 1880s – Highland Park has an amazing blend of new and old. It is situated in the northeastern portion of LA, running along the 110, about 8 miles northeast of Downtown LA. Filled with history and diversity, Highland Park (or HLP) is steeped in Latino culture. It is also a trendy hotspot, offering plenty of hipster shops, eateries, boutiques, bars, and record stores. Close to Hollywood, DTLA, and Burbank, commuting is refreshingly convenient for work and play.


If you dig the Eastside, HLP is the neighborhood for you. Rent is particularly affordable, with studios running for about $1,500 per month. It’s not the cheapest place to live in the city, but it certainly offers great value on rentals and the ownership of beautiful bungalow homes.


Super chill yet historical, Highland Park also has new restaurants and shops popping up all the time. Check out the Old LA/Highland Park Farmers’ Market and Highland Park Bowl, the city’s oldest bowling alley. For eats, visit Café Birdie (modern American) or Kitchen Mouse (vegan and vegetarian).


  • Population – Under 62,600 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $772,000
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $58,500
  • Rent Prices – $1,510 for studio and $2,350 for 2BR apartment
  • Schools – Yorkdale Elementary School, Monte Vista Street Elementary School, Benjamin Franklin High School, Eagle Rock High School

Something to try: Learn about birds at the Audubon Center at Debs Park.


Koreatown (bordered by S. Western Avenue, Vermont Avenue, Olympic Boulevard, and 3rd Street), is about five miles west of Downtown Los Angeles. Home to nearly 123,000 residents, K-Town is a diverse, bustling, and active place. It’s also the most populous neighborhood on this list. Korean immigrants have called this vibrant neighborhood home since the 1960s. K-Town is a close-knit community, and it’s a renowned destination for its culinary delights and karaoke. In recent years, it has become a highly popular place for millennials to live.


Those looking for central location and affordability will be pleasantly surprised by the housing prices here. The median home value is less than $690,000, and the median rent is quite affordable as well. Transportation is great here, thanks to the Metro B Line (Red) and Metro Purple Line.


Looking for things to do in Koreatown? For the best Korean food in Los Angeles, check out Beverly Soon Tofu (first of its kind in LA), Park’s BBQ (known for Kobe style beef), and Soowoon Galbi (Korean BBQ). Love karaoke? Sing your heart out at Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge or Star Karaoke.


  • Population – Under 122,500 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $689,000
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $39,300
  • Rent Prices – $1,395 for studio and $2,650 for 2BR apartment
  • Schools – Gabriella Charter School, Charles H. Kim Elementary School, Renaissance Arts Academy, KIPP Raices Academy, King/Drew Medical Magnet School

Something to try: Attend a concert at The Wiltern, a premier indoor concert venue.


Considered one of the best neighborhoods in LA – it landed the #1 spot on HomeSnacks’ Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CA, for 2020 – Mar Vista has a lot to offer. It is close to Venice Beach and LAX and about 13 miles west of Downtown LA. Offering an urban-suburban mix, the neighborhood is home to many younger professionals and families. It offers convenient access to beaches and the 405, along with an assortment of single-family homes. Be prepared for sticker shock, though. The median home value is more than $1.4 million!


Super eco-friendly and community-oriented, the neighborhood has a lovely and mellow atmosphere. There are many highly ranked schools in the area, along with plenty of parks nearby. Like baseball? You’ll find a little league field here, perfect for practice with little ones.


Quiet and filled with amenities, Mar Vista provides close grocery stores, restaurants, and shops. Check out Mar Vista Park for tennis, skating rink, ball fields, and basketball courts. And, of course, there’s Cabrillo Beach and Venice Beach Boardwalk (less than 15 minutes away).


  • Population – Under 39,200 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $1.4 million
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $79,700
  • Rent Prices – $1,910 for studio and $2,850 for 2BR apartment
  • Schools – Beethoven Street Elementary School, Citizens of the World Charter School Mar Vista, Winward School, Venice High School

Something to try: Work out, swim, or play sports at the Mar Vista Recreation Center.


Appreciate bohemian and indie culture? Need to be constantly doing something? Silver Lake may be the neighborhood for you. Nestled between the 5 and 101 (approximately 5 miles northwest of Downtown LA), this is one of the hippest neighborhoods to live in all of Los Angeles.


Along with an assortment of funky cafes, eateries, nightclubs, and art galleries, Silver Lake is full of caring and active people. Yes, it’s known for being a hipster haven, but if you’re into trendsetting culture, this is the place to be. It’s also super picturesque, green, and dog-friendly!


Built around Silver Lake, the community offers plenty of biking and hiking paths, like Silver Lake Reservoir Trail. As for drawbacks, traffic is atrocious. Homes are cute, quaint, and classic. However, housing prices are astronomical. This expense has led to 67% of residents renting their homes.


Since the 90s, Silver Lake has been the center of the LA alternative music scene. It continues this tradition with plenty of indie things to do within walking distance. Be a DJ for a day, meet friends at The Red Lion Tavernlearn to eat fire, or grab a bite at Freedman’s Restaurant & Bar.


  • Population – Under 33,600 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $1.07 million
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $75,000
  • Rent Prices – $2,000 for studio and $3,340 for 2BR apartment
  • Schools – Allesandro Elementary School, Ivanhoe Elementary School, Thomas Starr King Middle School, John Marshall High School, Belmont Senior High School

Something to try: Go on a shopping spree at A.P.C. and more along Sunset Junction.


Situated nine miles west of DTLA, between Melrose Avenue and Fountain Avenue, this neighborhood is a perennial favorite. West Hollywood (WeHo), unlike many parts of the city, is highly walkable. Residents are welcoming, and the neighborhood retains an old Spanish charm with its many gorgeous homes.


WeHo, in short, is a beloved place to live. It does have a reputation for the stereotypical Hollywood vibe – constant working, partying, and looking fabulous. This place is right in the middle of the action, but it also offers dog-friendly green spaces and the popular Runyon Canyon Trail. If you can afford to live here, it’s where you’ll find the top nightlife and trends. On the downside, there is an issue with homelessness and commuting times, but that’s just an unavoidable reality when living in Los Angeles.


There is a multitude of schools, restaurants, supermarkets, bars, yoga studios, and trendy shops within walking distance. For some drinks and foodie bites, check out The Abbey. The neighborhood is also home to the famed music club Troubadour and the ONE Archives Foundation.


  • Population – Under 37,700 residents
  • Home Price – Median home value over $860,000
  • Household Income – Median yearly income over $66,400
  • Rent Prices – $2,230 for studio and $3,795 for 2BR apartment
  • Schools – West Hollywood Elementary School, Hubert Howe Bancroft Middle School, Hollywood High School, West Hollywood College Preparatory School

Something to try: Enjoy some big laughs at The Comedy Store.




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