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Looking to move or store your cherished works of art? We understand that the artwork in your home, office, or gallery is precious, irreplaceable cargo that requires careful, meticulous handling. Whether you need art packing and delivery services for a single painting from your private collection or for an entire gallery of framed works, Imperial Moving and Storage is up to the task. We offer white glove art moving services in New York City and beyond, ensuring the safety of your pieces from the time they are crated and packed until we deliver them to their destination. Our representatives are pleased to assist you with any questions you may have about moving or storing your artwork. Please call us to receive a free moving quote!

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Art Moving Services in New York

Transporting artwork is inherently risky, as transit exposes pieces to the threat of getting broken, scratched, smudged, or worse if mishandled. Since art is more susceptible to damage than most items in your home or office, it’s imperative for you to enlist the assistance of professionals when shipping or moving it. Imperial Moving and Storage offers the following professional art moving services in New York City:


Packing and Crating Fine Art

We will work with you to determine the optimal packing solution for each unique piece based on its composition and size. This solution may include using one or more of the following proven methods:


  • Use of durable, corrugated boxes and high-quality packing tape to ensure the integrity of the box during the move
  • Wrapping paintings in non-abrasive, breathable materials that protect the painting’s surface while mitigating the risk of mold or mildew growth
  • Custom crating for oversized or unusually-shaped sculptures, ceramics, or antiques
  • Taping glass frames to prevent shattering and constructing cardboard frames to keep artwork in place during transit

Transport & Handling of Art

Just as we do with every move, we will treat your fine art with the utmost care, as if it was our own. From marking the boxes and crates with the appropriate labels to indicate their contents, to taking extra precautions when loading the truck, we’ll take every step necessary to ensure the safe transport of your artwork and sculptures. Whether you’re moving artwork from Chelsea to the Upper East Side or from Manhattan to another state, Imperial Movers will get the job done.


Climate-Controlled Storage

Imperial Moving and Storage is pleased to offer our customers affordable storage services at one of our climate-controlled facilities in New York City. Storing art in a climate-controlled space is essential to protect it from potential damage caused by heat, cold, humidity, and other elements. Additionally, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your valuable artwork is tucked away in a secure, state-of-the-art facility with 24/7 security monitoring and surveillance.

Tips for Moving and Transporting Your Fine Art

Americans have approximately six billion paintings, photographs, sculptures, and other fine works of art adorning their walls and halls, according to Robert Klonoski, a contributor to When it comes time to relocate, these art collections require special care. It’s advisable that you hire a professional relocation service, like Imperial Moving & Storage, that is accustomed to handling fine art, especially if your collection contains large sculptures or particularly delicate artworks.


If, however, you choose to do some or all of the packing and transportation yourself, here are some tips you should consider when doing so:


  • For extra protection, before wrapping art that is covered with glass, use painter’s tape to tape across the front of the glass with an X. If for some reason the glass should crack or shatter, this will help to keep it in place so that the broken pieces do not cut, scratch, or otherwise harm the art underneath.
  • To reduce static cling, use a piece of heavy cardboard, foam, or mat board to cover the front of glass-framed artwork before bubble wrapping it.
  • Use adjustable size picture boxes and insert only one item per box. Appropriately sized boxes reduce movement and thereby, the risk of damage to your pieces.
  • Be sure to transport fine art upright. Do not lay art on its side or flat in the truck. Also, be careful not to put anything on top of it that may crush it and cause damage.
  • Make sure your artwork is secure in the truck so that it won’t fall over in the case of sudden stops or bumps along the way.
  • Avoid packing materials that contain acid, as these may damage artwork composed of specific materials.
  • Wrap sculptures thoroughly in bubble wrap and seal with packing tape. If possible, take apart your sculptures for easier transport and wrap the bottom section an additional time or two.
  • If possible, transport sculptures in crates padded by foam, not in traditional moving boxes. Use a crate that is slightly larger than the piece to allow room for additional padding.
  • Create a moisture barrier to protect against humidity. To do so, line your crate or box with bubble wrap or insulation paper before placing your art inside.
  • Write “Fragile” on all boxes or crates that contain fine art.

Because your fine art collection is valuable both regarding its cost and its sentimental value to you, be sure to protect it with insurance before your move. Survey your art collection, inventory it, and make a note of any existing damage, so you’ll know if the damage occurred during the relocation. Then, follow the tips and trick above to safely move your collection from one home to the next. If you’d rather entrust your artwork to a skilled and knowledgeable New York moving company, give Imperial Moving and Storage a call! We have the skillset, tools, and equipment to pack, move, and deliver your art with ease. Request your free quote now!


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