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For when your home needs to be treated by VIP Handlers. Imperial VIP provides the highest standard in luxury relocation. Our company understands the need to accommodate different types of relocations for specific types of clients. From the moment the client requests our VIP service, they will immediately feel the difference between the VIP service at Imperial and general services among other movers. Our goal is to provide a relocation experience which will not feel as if you are moving at all, but just another day, that by the end of it, your home found itself a new address.

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Imperial VIP consists of the following services:


  1. Personal Project Manager- Will lead you through every step of the relocation process and will work directly with the movers and the building management. This ensures our client doesn’t have to worry about tedious details such as scheduling elevators and Certificates of Insurance.
  2. Personalized attention – The project manager will keep watch on all your items, and will coordinate special treatment for any and all valuable items. The customer can go about doing errands while the project manager oversees the move.
  3. Handpicked Movers- Many moving companies may send movers who might lack experience, just for the sake of sending a worker. This will never be the case with Imperial VIP. The movers who are sent to your job, will be movers on a high pay grade, and work daily on moving jobs such as yours.
  4. Cleaning Services- We provide the best in home cleaning in your new home, so that your furniture will be laid out only on shiny floors.
  5. Lunch- The move is taking too long and you have nowhere to eat- No Problem! Imperial VIP will send you off to lunch at any of our partners restaurants located next to your new home.
  6. Utilities installation. – Your project manager will also coordinate with Con Edison and your preferred Cable company so that they coincide with your moving date.
  7. Customized crating – Imperial VIP will create crates for specific artwork and glass items so that your valuables will receive the care they deserve.
  8. Exclusive long distance relocation- Under no circumstances will your items be loaded with others peoples on the same truck. Imperial VIP also provides same day deliveries to the east coast.
  9. TV installation- Imperial VIP will provide an in-house carpenter to mount TVs upon request.
  10. Unpacking Service- At the end of the relocation – Imperial VIP Movers will help unpack all items requested, and will dispose of boxes so that you don’t have to worry about it later on.


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Luxury homes, rare collectibles, or anything else unusual. We’ve seen it all.


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