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At Imperial Moving & Storage, we understand the pain of trying to find an affordable moving option that you can actually trust. How many movers have you called to get quotes from so far? If it's more than 3-4, you've no doubt come to realize that your options are either incredibly cheap unlicensed movers with shady looking websites and business practices, or overpriced "corporate" type movers. What if there was a budget friendly option to choose from that you could actually trust with several hundred reliable Yelp reviews? Still curious, pick up the phone and talk with one of our friendly agents and we'll prove just how "cheap" our prices can be and just how stellar our quality is!

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  • We love being the cheapest option for our level of service
  • Our professionally trained team of expert movers treats all of our clients with the same VIP treatment
  • Affordable hourly rates
  • Low-cost moving prices to meet your needs and budget
  • Inexpensive storage options
  • Cheap long distance movers to accommodate all your interstate moving needs


Homes, apartments, walk-ups, and anywhere else you live.


High-rise, low-rise, office, warehouse, retail, art studio, and more!


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Organization experts! Let us pack & unpack for you.

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Moving you to Florida, California, and everywhere in between.


Move around the world with confidence and reliability.

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Luxury homes, rare collectibles, or anything else unusual. We’ve seen it all.


Short-term, long-term, warehouse, or self-storage.