5 Reasons to Use a Professional NYC Moving Company

5 Reasons to Use a Professional NYC Moving Company

Your lease is ending soon, and once again you’re facing the prospect of moving. If you are debating between hiring movers and DIY-ing it to save money, here are a few things to consider:

1. Moving in New York City is a Beast

If you are thinking about renting a U-Haul and enlisting the help family and friends to move everything, you might want to think twice. To start with, New York City’s traffic situation makes navigating and parking a big, unfamiliar truck challenging. Just trying to locate a curbside spot outside of your apartment building with people honking at you and cars whizzing by can cause some serious anxiety. If you are lucky enough to find a great parking spot, you then must contend with the logistics of getting everything loaded onto the truck. NYC apartment buildings often have tiny elevators that aren’t conducive to moving say a large sofa or your queen size mattress. So, you’ll have to try to figure out how to navigate these bulky, awkward pieces of furniture down cramped hallways and tight stairwells. Not exactly fun for you or the friends you’ve roped into helping. If you hire a professional to do the job, you don’t have to worry about any of the nightmarish moving logistics.

2. We Have All the Right Equipment

Ever gone to dismantle your bed only to realize you’ve misplaced your entire toolkit and there’s no chance of getting those nuts and bolts to budge? When you hire us, we always bring along the right tools for the job. We include furniture disassembly and reassembly as part of every move! Additionally, we have all the dollies, moving blankets, hoisting straps, tie-downs, and other moving equipment necessary to ensure your items are properly packed and protected so they arrive safely at your new home.

3. Reputable Movers are Insured

In New York, most buildings require moving companies and other service providers to provide proof of insurance before being allowed to perform work in the building. At Imperial Moving & Storage, we carry a $2 million general liability policy, an amount exceeding that required by most buildings. We are also licensed by the NYC DOT to perform local moving services and by the US DOT to handle long distance moves.

4. We Offer Storage Solutions for Your Convenience

If you are faced with the dilemma of being homeless for a few days or weeks between leases, Imperial has you covered. While you couch surf at a friend’s place, we can move your belongings into temporary storage at one of our secure warehouse facilities. Then, when you get the keys to the new apartment, we’ll load everything back onto one of our trucks and help you get settled into your new place.

5. It Will Let You Focus on Other To-dos

Let’s face it, moving entails more than just the logistics of relocating all your stuff. Letting someone else move your belongings frees you up to focus on that whole other long list of to-dos that come along with a move. Now, instead of wrestling your couch down five flights of stairs or pulling your hair out trying to find parking, you can knock out things like transferring your utilities, updating your driver’s license, changing your delivery address on subscriptions, and cleaning out your fridge.

When it comes to moving, hiring an NYC moving professional to get the job done reduces stress, frees up your valuable time, and helps ensure the safety of your belongings. If you’re looking for affordable, flat rate moving services in NYC for your upcoming move, be sure to give Imperial a call!