Three Great Books to Help Prepare Your Kids for Moving

Three Great Books to Help Prepare Your Kids for Moving

The logistics of packing up and moving to a new home is hard enough, but the additional complication of getting all your family members on board is a challenge. Moving can be an especially difficult time of transition for younger members of the family who may not fully understand why their lives are getting uprooted. If you are planning a move, prepare your kids in advance for what to expect – from packing up their old rooms to discussing what life will be like in a new neighborhood or city. To ease the transition, you might also consider reading a few of the following books with your kids. Seeing some of their favorite characters successfully navigate the moving process may ease their anxieties and possibly even get them excited about moving day.

The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day

This long-running book series about a family of lovable bears has been around since 1962. The book on the bears’ moving day, written in 1981, has helped generations of young readers cope with the moving process. His entire life, all Brother Bear has ever known as home is the cozy cave he was born into. One day, it’s announced that his family is moving to a larger home nestled in the tree tops of Bear Country. Though initially plagued by trepidations about making new friends and adjusting to life in a new place, after the move, Brother Bear discovers there was really nothing to worry about. If you’re moving to a new state and your child is afraid of leaving behind their friends or the only home they’ve ever known, then this classic tale could be of great encouragement.

A House for Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs are a unique species of crustaceans that must take refuge in the discarded shells disposed of by other ocean creatures. As hermit crabs get older, they must continuously “move” into new shells to accommodate their growing bodies. The nature of a hermit crab constantly moving and changing “homes” lends the perfect analogy to help children cope with the moving process, which is exactly what author Eric Carle does in this classic children’s book. This story follows the life of Hermit Crab as he upgrades shells and adapts to life in a series of new homes. Perhaps after reading this, your children won’t be quite as wary of a change in their home, neighborhood, or friends as they embark on the moving process.

Yard Sale

Sometimes moving means downsizing to a home that’s more practical or affordable. In this tale by Eve Bunting, Callie’s family must move from their 2-story home into a more modest apartment, which means many of their things won’t fit in the new place. So, the family sorts through their belongings and hosts a yard sale to get rid of the furniture, clothing, and other items that won’t make the move. Though at first it’s difficult to part with the possessions that they’ve held dear, in the end, Callie realizes that if she has her family, that’s really all she needs. This is a great reminder to both parents and younger readers that stuff is just that…stuff. If your move means downsizing or you just want to purge a few things before moving, help your kids adjust to the idea of living with less by reading this very wise book. Who knows, maybe you can get the whole family to support the idea of hosting a pre-move yard sale!

Yes, moving can be difficult, but with lots of love and a little encouragement, you can help every member of your family feel more at ease about the transition.