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Looking for the California Dream? Want to engulf your senses with the beauty of sandy beaches and the smell of salty air? Situated along the Pacific Ocean, southeast of Los Angeles and northeast of Anaheim, Huntington Beach is a casual yet upbeat seaside town with everything you’d expect from one of the most celebrated cities in Southern California. This is not just a place to live, but a place to soak up a lifestyle filled with stunning views, warm year-round weather, healthy activities, and that classic SoCal vibe.


Relocating to or from Huntington Beach? We have you! As a fully licensed, insured, and bonded CA moving company, Imperial Moving & Storage offers a pleasant moving experience without headaches. In addition to providing stellar services to the area, we have locations in both California and NYC, making it super easy to move from coast to coast. Whether you’re headed to California or somewhere else, we make moving a breeze!

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What to Know Before Moving to Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach represents that quintessential California oceanside lifestyle. Let’s get to know this SoCal gem better!

Historical Tidbits

Originally home of the Tongva (or Gabrielinos) people, Huntington Beach captured the hearts of Spanish and other European settlers as early as the 1700s. The city was incorporated in 1909 and was then first developed by the Huntington Beach Company. Fun fact: surfing was brought to the city’s beaches by Duke Kahanamoku in 1925, and the area’s first surf shop – Gordie’s Surf Boards – opened its doors in 1953. In 1959, the first US Surfing Championships were held on the shores of Huntington Beach. Huntington Central Park, which is made up of more than 350 acres, offers a sprawling respite with its myriad facilities and amenities. And, of course, we have the city’s world-famous beaches, including Huntington State Beach and Huntington Dog Beach.

Attractions And Amenities

Fantastic beaches, boutiques, cuisine, shopping, parks… Huntington Beach has it all when it comes to stellar SoCal living along the ocean! Located less than an hour southeast of Los Angeles, it provides a mix of world-class outdoor recreation (surfing, beachgoing, skateboarding) with outstanding nightlife, dining, and more. As one of the longest public piers on the West Coast, Huntington Beach Pier is a popular attraction. Enjoy retail therapy and delicious eats? Downtown is where it’s at, showcasing the rich diversity of the city.


As one of the most renowned seaside towns not only in California but in the country, Huntington Beach offers all the most attractive elements of SoCal living – gorgeous beaches, picturesque drives along the Pacific Coast Highway, outdoor fun, outstanding food, and that legendary Mediterranean style climate. It’s also a rich melting pot of ethnicities, cultures, and influences. Laidback and neighborly, the city provides that ideal ‘California Paradise’ vibe. Whether you’re into hiking, sunbathing, skating, or building businesses, Huntington Beach is perfect for those looking for an active lifestyle. Sun, waves, sand… it’s what lures newcomers here. The high quality of life is what makes them stay!

Cost Of Living

Gorgeous beachfront, lush park areas, classic California weather, tons of fun stuff to do… Huntington Beach is an amazing place to call home! But at what cost? So, if you know anything about Southern California, it isn’t cheap here. For comparison, the median housing value is 15-20% higher than that of neighboring Los Angeles. Living expenses, which include food, utilities, and health, also see a bump in price here compared to LA. However, considering the high quality of life and locale along the Pacific Ocean, the price tag is worth it for many. Be sure you’re prepared for the cost, especially if you’re from out of state.

Best Neighborhoods

Made up of 32 square miles, Huntington Beach is home to 8 distinctive neighborhoods. Looking for a mellow seaside vibe? Huntington Beach Harbour provides a haven from the more bustling parts of the city. Sunset Beach has one of the widest beaches in SoCal, along with a 14-acre park. Into shopping and/or skateboard culture? Goldenwest, found in the northern reaches, is home to Vans Off the Wall Skatepark and an assortment of shops and restaurants. For that picturesque PCH vibe, Bolsa Chica is the place to be! Moving farther down, Downtown is the heart of Huntington Beach. Southeast is a swimmer’s paradise, and Beach Blvd is the spot for fun nightlife, dining, and more. Last but not least, Central Park has one of the largest (and most lush) parks in Orange County at 350 acres in size.

Huntington Beach’s Trusted Moving Company

You may have found the California Dream in Huntington Beach, but the next question is: who are you supposed to hire for the actual move? Whether you’re headed to the seaside community or elsewhere, Imperial Moving & Storage is the top pick! From local condo swaps to cross-country relocations, we have the personnel, expertise, and decades of experience for a seamless transition. This translates to a relaxing move. No need to stress out. No need to micromanage. We offer a full range of Huntington Beach moving services that include the following:


  • Local, long-distance, cross-country, and international moves
  • Full-service moves and packing/unpacking services
  • Specialty items: fine art, pianos, antiques, hot tubs, and more
  • Short notice and last-minute moves
  • Residential and commercial moving services
  • Furniture delivery and transport
  • White-glove and VIP moving services

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