5 Surprising Uses for Plastic Wrap When Moving

New York Movers' Tips

When moving, there are a lot of moving hacks you can employ to make your move easier. Some of our favorites involve using a surprisingly simple but overwhelmingly helpful household item – saran wrap. Either household plastic wrap or the professional-grade moving wrap used by movers like ourselves should be part of your toolkit for tackling your next move. The beauty of plastic wrap is that while it sticks to itself, it won’t leave a sticky residue or destroy the paint job on your furniture like tape will. Here are 5 surprising ways you can use plastic wrap for your upcoming move:

1. Keep Your Silverware Contained

Instead of packing up the contents of your silverware drawer, you can keep all your spoons, forks, and knives contained using saran wrap. Simply remove your utensil holder from the drawer and wrap a few layers of plastic wrap around the whole thing. Now you can set your silverware tray into a box and all your cutlery will stay contained for the duration of your move, making unpacking a snap.

2. Make Bottles Leakproof

At some point, you’ve probably moved or traveled with a bottle full of liquid, only to get to your destination and find that it’s leaked all over in your luggage. Rather than ditching all your liquids in contemplation of your move, make them leakproof! Remove the caps from your bottles, and place a layer or two of plastic wrap over the opening, securing with a rubber band. Then refit the cap, and voila, your bottle is ready to transport. This is the perfect solution for everything from bathroom products to kitchen ingredients like olive oil and vinegar.

3. Organize Your Hardware

To make things easier to move, we recommend disassembling large pieces of furniture like bookcases and beds. While this keeps your belongings safe, it also makes it easier to physically lift and load furniture onto the moving truck. One of the biggest pains of furniture disassembly, however, is keeping track of all the tiny bits and pieces that hold it all together. Instead of coming up short on screws, nuts, and bolts, place all the hardware into a plastic bag, seal it shut, then use saran wrap to affix it to the bed frame or piece of furniture. Now you’ll have exactly what you need to reassemble each piece in one convenient place.

4. Keep Drawers Closed

Maneuvering furniture through awkward hallways and stairwells, that are a hallmark of moving in Manhattan, often requires tilting and turning to make things fit. While this isn’t a problem with a table or chair, this does pose a challenge for moving dressers with sliding drawers. We find it’s easiest to move dressers and wardrobes when the drawers are locked into place with a few layers of plastic wrap. Close all the drawers, and using a professional-grade plastic moving wrap, wrap the furniture several times to keep them secure. Now you’ll be able to lift and handle these bulky pieces of furniture without having to worry about the contents spilling out in the process.

5. Secure Moving Blankets

It’s important to properly protect your furniture during transport to keep it from getting dinged and scratched during the move. While we always bring our own moving blankets to pad customers’ furniture, if you are renting a truck, you may want to ask the rental company to throw in a stack of moving blankets to keep your possessions protected during transport. To keep moving blankets in place during the move, you can secure using, you guessed it, cling wrap. For this, you will need plastic wrap made specifically for moving since it’s thicker and will hold up better. Simply cover furniture with a moving blanket, then wrap several layers of plastic wrap around it to hold in place. Now your furniture will be protected for your move!



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The Best Moving Apps to Make Your Move Easier

Best Apps for Moving

Moving may feel chaotic, but thankfully there’s an app for that. In fact, there are several apps out there to help you with every frustrating and time-consuming part of your move. From a mobile-friendly moving checklist and organizer to an app for arranging furniture, here are some of our favorite moving apps to make your life easier during this time of transition:

The App to Keep Your Move Organized

Sortly makes keeping your move organized easier than you could ever imagine. For starters, this ingenious app comes with a moving checklist, so your moving to-dos are always at your fingertips. Additionally, Sortly makes it easy to take pictures and create an inventory everything you are moving, so it’s easier to keep track of all the moving parts. The coolest part about Sortly is that the app enables you to create QR labels for your moving boxes so you can scan the code to see exactly what’s inside each one. Plus, the basic version of the app is free!

The Best App for Finding an NYC Apartment

We all know that finding an affordable apartment in NYC can be a real challenge, so if you’re moving but still haven’t found your new digs, let Zumper help! Unlike other popular real estate apps, such as Zillow or Trulia, Zumper is designed solely with renters in mind. Though Zumper has an inventory of over one million rental listings, you can easily set-up real-time alerts that will notify you of listings that meet your search criteria. Zumper also expedites the application process for many properties by allowing users to fill out a single rental application and Experian credit check. Zumper is also popular in other major metro areas including Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, DC, and Los Angeles.

Zumper makes the headache-inducing process of finding an affordable Manhattan apartment easier and more streamlined.
Zumper makes the headache-inducing process of finding an affordable Manhattan apartment easier and more streamlined.

The App That Lets You Arrange Furniture

When you do a walk-through of your new apartment, take a few minutes to snap some pictures using the MagicPlan app. This app pieces together your pics to create a floor plan without having to bust out your pencil and measuring tape. MagicPlan even accounts for doors and windows, so you know exactly how much open wall space you have in each room.

Once you have your floor plan mapped out with MagicPlan, you can enter your room dimensions in Amikasa and start decorating. Amikasa lets you play around with design with a wide assortment of drag and drop furniture, so you can figure out the perfect way to arrange your living room or bedroom. You can even add a splash of color with wall paint or swap out the flooring. Finally, do a virtual walkthrough of your space to make sure it feels like home. Now when the moving truck shows up, you’ll have a map for exactly where all your furniture should be placed.

App for Hands-Off Cleaning

One of the biggest chores of the moving process is cleaning out your old apartment to get your coveted deposit money back. Amid the moving chaos, it’s difficult to find the time to vacuum, scrub, and dust every square inch of your apartment, so why not call in the professionals? The Handy app is like the Uber of cleaning services, pairing users with cleaning professionals who can get the job done. All Handy pros are background-checked and insured, and many areas have next day availability, which is great if you need last minute help. Now instead of stressing about getting your old apartment clean, you can focus your efforts on transitioning to your new home.

When you're moving, the last thing you have time for is cleaning the oven or scrubbing down the tub. Save your energy and get your deposit back by booking a cleaning professional through Handy.
When you’re moving, the last thing you have time for is cleaning the oven or scrubbing down the tub. Save your energy and get your deposit back by booking a cleaning professional through Handy.

Neighborhood App for Getting Settled

If your move takes you to another neighborhood, it may take some time for you to get acquainted. To ease the transition and help you meet new people, download the Nextdoor app. Featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and several other publications, this popular app allows neighborhoods to have their own private social network where members can share what’s going on. In New York City alone, there are 288 neighborhoods using the app to connect members. The Nextdoor app allows neighbors to announce neighborhood events, share info on new restaurant and shop openings, or even get help finding a babysitter. It’s a great way to find out more about your new neighbors and make new friends that are close enough to walk to happy hour with.

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Our Guide to Moving Out of State


Fast-paced and never boring, New York City is constantly changing. Shops and restaurants come and go, buildings are demoed and rebuilt, and people move in and out in the blink of an eye. Every year we help hundreds of people relocating to Manhattan from out of state, while also moving out dozens more who have grown weary of NYC’s busyness and expense. Whether you’re eagerly anticipating starting the next chapter of your life in New York or you’re about to leave the City, here’s a helpful guide to moving out of state:

Find an Interstate Moving Company

Moving between states can come with a lot of extra things to-do, such as switching insurance policies, finding housing in an unfamiliar location, and transitioning jobs. There’s also the hassle of moving every possession you own. If you can afford to hire a professional moving company, it can make your transition much easier. There are a few things you should look for when shopping around for the right mover:

Licensing and Insurance

All companies who move household belongings over state lines are required to be licensed through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You should check to make sure a company is appropriately licensed and carries the required levels of insurance before hiring.


Check out what others are saying about a company’s services on sites like Yelp and Google+. Is the company known for being efficient, courteous, and fairly-priced? These are important qualities to look for when selecting the mover who will be handling your belongings.

Imperial Moving & Storage is happy to say we are licensed (US DOT #1422485) and insured to perform both local in-state moves and interstate moving services. We’re also proud of what our customers are saying about us. Did you know we were voted one of NYC’s best moving companies by TimeOut?

Hiring trained professionals for your long distance move can make all the difference.
Hiring trained professionals for your long distance move can make all the difference in your moving experience.

Schedule an In-Home Estimate

No matter who you choose to handle your long distance move, you should always schedule an in-home estimate with your moving professional. Interstate moving rates are based on the weight of your shipment, so allowing your mover to see first-hand what you’re moving enables them to prep the most accurate moving quote possible.

Figure Out Moving Insurance

One of the most commonly asked questions related to out of state moves is whether customers need to purchase additional moving insurance. Your moving contract should give you the option of selecting full value protection as a part of your complete moving package. Though this level of insurance coverage is more expensive, it covers your belongings in case there’s a mishap during your move as broken or damaged items will be fully restored or replaced. Alternatively, you may opt out of full value protection and receive the minimum level of coverage at $.60/pound.

Make an Inventory List

Before moving day arrives, take time to make an inventory of your belongings. Number your boxes and make a list of boxes and their contents. Also, write down a list of all the furniture and appliances the movers will be handling. This inventory will make it easier to confirm that all your belongings arrive at their destination.

Get Started Packing/Labeling

Get started packing as soon as possible! At least a month in advance you can start packing up items that you won’t need like out of season clothing, books, serving dishes, holiday decorations, extra linens, and more. Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter items like pillow and duvets. As you seal your boxes, don’t forget to add a label to each one describing the box’s contents.

It's never too early to get started packing for your move!
It’s never too early to get started packing for your move!

Change Address

File a change of address form through the post office in advance of your move to ensure your mail is properly forwarded. Now is also the time to notify all relevant parties that your address will be changing, such as your financial institutions (bank, credit card, insurance), member organizations (gym, professional associations, country club), and service providers (doctor, lawyer, accountant).

Cancel and Set-up New Utilities

Cancel your gas, electric, water, cable/internet, and any other utility services you currently have. Make sure to set up utilities at your new home before the moving truck arrives, so you have working lights and water.

Moving to a new state may be a time intensive process, but hiring an experienced interstate mover will free you up to tackle the rest of your moving checklist. With a bit of organization, you can maintain your sanity and be prepared for moving day!

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Guide to Setting Up Utilities in New York City

Moving Guide NYC

Nothing is worse than moving into a new apartment and realizing you forgot to set up your utilities. It can take days to get electricity, gas, water, and other utility services turned on, so it’s critical to plan for this before the movers arrive to load up your boxes and furniture. Here is a guide to setting up basic utilities in New York City:

NYC Electric Service

Thanks to ingenuity of Thomas Edison, in 1883 New York City became first metropolitan area in the world to have a centralized electric distribution system. Now it’s hard to imagine the City That Never Sleeps without the constant glow of electricity.

Looking at NYC now, it's hard to imagine it before electricity.
Looking at NYC now, it’s hard to imagine it before electricity.

 Con Edison (All 5 boroughs, except for the Rockaways)

Most of New York City is powered by Con Edison, which provides power to nearly 10 million people in NYC and Westchester County. To serve its NYC customers, Con Edison has more than 94,000 miles of underground cable and 34,000 miles of overhead wires pumping electricity from substations to homes and offices. The power New Yorkers use comes from a variety of energy sources including sustainable sources such as wind and solar power. To easily start or transfer your services with Con Edison, click here.

Public Service Enterprise Group (Queens, Rockaway Peninsula only)

While Con Edison provides power to all 5 boroughs, it does not serve the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. Roughly 34,000 customers in the Rockaways use power distributed by the Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), which also handles electricity distribution on behalf of the Long Island Power Authority. To start, stop, or transfer electric service on the Rockaway Peninsula, visit the PSEG site.

Gas Service New York City

Many New York Residents rely on natural gas for heating and cooking. When it comes to selecting natural gas service, there are two providers in New York City.

Con Edison (Manhattan, the Bronx, Northern Parts of Queens)

In addition to providing electric service to most of New York City, energy giant Con Edison also provides natural gas service to residents of Manhattan, the Bronx, and Northern Queens. If you live in these areas, you’ll have the convenience of using one provider for both your electric and gas service. Set up or transfer existing service using the same link provided above for Con Edison electricity.

National Grid (Brooklyn, Staten Island, Rest of Queens)

National Grid is a multinational electric and gas utility providing services to the UK and parts of the northeastern US. In New York City, National Grid provides gas service to Brooklyn, Staten Island, and most of Queens, including the Rockaways. To start or transfer your natural gas service with National Grid, please go here.

Gas service provides many New Yorkers with heat and energy for cooking.
Gas service provides many New Yorkers with heat and energy for cooking.

Water Utility New York

NYC Department of Environmental Protection (All 5 boroughs)

If you are renting an apartment in NYC, most landlords include water as a part of the rent, so be sure to check your lease agreement. However, if you’re a home owner or otherwise need to set up water services, you may do so by visiting the NYC Department of Environmental Protection customer service page.

Transferring your utility services is just one of many to-dos that come along with transitioning to a new home. If you’re planning a New York City relocation, you can shrink that moving checklist by hiring us to handle all the moving logistics for you. Imperial Moving & Storage offers a wide range of moving services to accommodate all your local and long distance moving needs. Contact us today for a free NYC moving quote!


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An Inside Look at Moving Day at the White House

Imperial Moving & Storage

For the last 225 years, the regal house that sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been home to a string of first families. Each time an inauguration day rolls around, the White House staff frantically packs up the belongings of the outgoing family and hastily unpacks the personal effects of the newly sworn-in president and his family. The entire moving process is completed in a well-orchestrated but lightning-fast six hours, the time it takes for the swearing-in ceremony and afternoon parade. Most people can’t even get half their belongings packed in just six hours, much less pull off the entire move. So just how does the White House staff do it? Here’s a glimpse at what goes into coordinating a presidential move:

The Plans Commence Well in Advance

While we advise most customers to plan their move at least two months in advance, the White House staff starts planning for moving day as early as a year and a half before the incumbent president moves out. Well before the election is over, the staff members in charge of coordinating the move put together a book for the incoming President detailing the staff members and house rules on redecorating.

It’s Tradition to Get a Sneak Peek

After the November election is over, the new president-elect and his wife are typically invited to tour the first family’s private residence to get a sneak peek of where they’ll be living the next four or eight years. One snapshot from the White House archives shows Lady Bird Johnson sitting on the couch eagerly going over floor plans with the incoming First Lady Pat Nixon. This preview gives the new first lady a couple of months to mull over how she wants to redecorate when she moves into the 132-room mansion in January.

Remodeling? There’s a Budget for That

Every four years, Congress allots money for the first family to revamp their presidential digs. The Bushes were reportedly given around $100,000 towards redecorating and remodeling the second go-around. Presidents are encouraged to make 2nd and 3rd floors of the palatial residence feel like home, which means different things to different presidents. For Clinton, this meant installing a 7-person hot tub, while Obama requested a new showerhead and outdoor basketball court. Other remodels over the years have included adding a bowling alley, solar panels, and a swimming pool.

The New Pres Pays for His Own Moving Expenses

Just because you get elected to the presidency doesn’t mean you get a free move. A week prior to inauguration day, the incoming president must arrange to have his household belongings delivered to a White House storage facility. From there, the rest of the move is supervised by the Secret Service, which inspects every box and piece of furniture that goes into or out of the White House.

The Move Takes Less Than Six Hours

White House staffers have just a short six-hour timeframe to completely flip the White House for its new residents. As soon as the outgoing president and his motorcade leave for the swearing-in ceremony on Capitol Hill, the White House staff gets busy packing and loading up the moving trucks waiting to whisk away the former first family’s belongings. Then, they must repaint, recarpet, and rearrange furniture to the liking of the new president. Before the paint dries, the new president’s household furnishings are unloaded and his boxes unpacked. By the time the first family arrives home from the inaugural parade, their closets and drawers are already organized.

It Takes a Small Army

While most residential moves only require a small squad of 2-3 guys, a move of this magnitude requires a small army of highly competent, extremely organized people. For the first family’s safety and privacy, the entire move is executed by the 95-or-so White House staff, with no assistance from third-party moving companies. No matter what their normal household position, every hand is on deck this day to ensure a successful and seamless transition.

Even if you’re not a president, at Imperial Moving, we believe you deserve to move like one. Our team of movers is trained and ready to tackle your move with professionalism and expertise, even if you don’t call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home. For affordable pricing on local and cross country moves, give the best NYC moving company a call!


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