7 Things to Purge Before Your Move

7 Things to Purge Before Your Move

Moving to a new home? As exciting as relocating might seem, there is a lot of work and advance preparation before the big moving day. Getting rid of your excess clutter can go a long way in easing the transition to your new place – you want to start fresh, clean and organized in your new home. Plus, getting rid of the excess weight can make hiring an NYC moving company cheaper. With these reasons in mind, put some thought into the things you can purge before making your move.

1. Expired Food and Medicine

Go through your pantry and medicine cabinet and check for expiration dates. Dispose of any out-of-date food items or medicines. Donate any non-perishable food that is still good, but that you will not use, to a local food pantry like New York Common Pantry or the Food Bank for New York City. Make sure to dispose of your medicines in an environmentally responsible manner.

2. Books and Magazines

Books and magazines seem to have a way of multiplying on their own, so be ruthless when purging these items. Hospitals and libraries are a good place to donate unwanted magazines and books. Check with your local school, as art teachers often appreciate donations of magazines for art projects. Donate the leftover books to a charity or sell them to a used book vendor.

3. Boxes from Your Last Move That Have Not Been Opened

Most people have a few of these lurking in their attic, basement, or storage unit. If you have not touched it since your last move, chances are, it is not something you want or need, and now is the time to get rid of it! If you can stand it, do not even open the box to see what it contains.

4. Gifts You Never Used

That gaudy Christmas sweater or that tacky jewelry you received from your out-of-touch relatives? You never used them and may have had every intention of re-gifting that them, but if they are still sitting around in the box they came in, it might be time to toss them. Consider donating these items to charity for a tax deduction.

5. Incomplete Projects

Everyone has stashes of unfinished craft projects, like that scarf you started knitting or that quilt you never finished. Go through your craft closet and get rid of what you know you will never use or complete.

6. Extras

Go through your extra items, such as multiple sets of dishes or silverware and keep only the ones you actually use or love. Have your children go through their toys and encourage them to give someone else the ones they no longer play with or have outgrown. This may additionally help kids cope with the moving process.

7. Excess Supplies

 Use up your stash of paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products, and canned goods. Make effort to use up what you have so you will not have to take it with you. One trip to your favorite big box store can quickly replace those items when you move into your new home.

Taking some time to find a new home for your castoffs will make your move easier and may save some money in the long run since you will not be moving as much. Remember, you can deduct donations to charity from your income tax, so save your receipts.