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Best Furniture Layout Apps for Designing Your Apartment Floor Plan

Best Furniture Layout Apps for Designing Your Apartment Floor Plan

Apartment living in the heart NYC has some perks over living in and owning your own house in the suburbs. You don’t have any yard work, and any maintenance issues are paid for and taken care of by your landlord. One disadvantage is that you’re stuck with your floorplan since you don’t have the luxury of knocking down walls or ripping out the kitchen. Additionally, most Manhattan apartments have little square footage, so it proves challenging to figure out a layout that’s functional.

To help you find the best ways to arrange your furniture when moving into a new apartment or to rearrange your current place, here are some of the top floor plan apps available. To make this easier, let’s split this into apps that are compatible with Android devices and apps that are compatible with iOS devices.

Floorplan Apps for iOS

This app made it onto the list because it allows you to create professional-quality floor plans and you can share it with any MagicPlan user. This app is especially handy for serious apartment hunters who want to know if their furniture will fit into the place. It has received a 4.6 out of 5 in its ratings, and it has a free version available for anyone to use.

Room Planner by Chief Architect
This app is an excellent alternative to MagicPlan because it is more suited to non-professional use, and it helps the user imagine what the space will look like with their particular furniture in the rooms. This app, also had a free version, with additional upgrades available.

Floorplan Apps for Android Devices

Floor Plan Creator
This app, designed for Android devices, allows you to visualize a room in 3-D. It also allows you to create multiple floors and enables you to design for apartments of any shape. The app received a 4.1 out of 5 for user ratings, and it also comes with a free version.

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices, which makes it one of our favorites. Homestyler allows users to create highly realistic images of what the space will look like with furniture in it. This view is especially useful if you are shopping for new furniture and decorations. You take pictures of the rooms that you want to design, and then you can import photos of various pieces of furniture or art that you are thinking about purchasing directly into the image. You can even upload paint colors to try on the walls.

If you are thinking about redesigning your apartment, moving to a new apartment, or looking for new furniture and décor for your current residence, you’re sure to find an app that will help you visualize. One of the best parts about these apps is that each one offers a free version. So, if you find that you prefer the features of a different app, you can switch, free of charge.

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