Where to Donate Household Items and Old Furniture Before Your Move

Where to Donate Household Items and Old Furniture Before Your Move

With so many things to take care of when you’re moving, searching for where to donate your furniture and household items takes up precious time you need to spend packing or preparing for your move. These Manhattan charities accept donations of domestic goods and typically offer free, scheduled pick-ups for your convenience.

Donating your unwanted items not only helps others but saves you the time it would take to dispose of them yourself or the fees that waste management, recycling companies, or a landlord could charge for leaving it on the curb.

Goodwill Industries

Like many other charities, when you donate items to Goodwill, they resell them in the store and use the proceeds to run non-profit programs. Goodwill’s primary focus is on helping the unemployed find gainful employment and live independently. All store locations accept donations, but there are also bins located in public areas around the city, as well as donation centers specifically for processing these goods.

For free pick-ups, Goodwill requires substantial donations (35-45 bags of household goods). If you don’t have enough to meet the pick-up quota, you may want to schedule your donation through a different NYC non-profit or look for a donation bin in your area.

Housing Works

A charity that focuses on helping marginalized members of society in the homeless and low-income communities, Housing Works either sells donations in its thrift stores or gives items to recipients in need. Those with qualifying contributions may schedule a free pick-up or drop them off at nearby resale stores.

Through partnerships with other businesses in the area, Housing Works also provide bins for small domestic donations of domestic goods.

GOOD+ Foundation

The focus of this foundation is on families experiencing cyclical, generational poverty. GOOD+ helps those in need by providing support for parents and services for children. They partner with antipoverty programs across the nation and use locally donated goods to give directly to families in need.

The GOOD+ Foundation website provides a thorough list of requested items as well as instructions on how to individuals and corporations may schedule pick-ups.

Salvation Army

Nationwide reach empowers local Salvation Army outposts to accept a wide variety of donations, including old couches, household items, chairs, books, and clothing. The sale of these things goes towards providing services to the homeless and programs that rehabilitate local communities.

To schedule your free pick-up, go to the site and enter your zip code in the “Schedule a Free Pickup” section. Then, follow the prompts to input your items and schedule your pick-up date.

Room to Grow

Room to Grow focuses on providing services to families with newborns, infants, and young children. Currently, this organization accepts donations of specific baby items in excellent condition, including swings, baby strollers, blankets, gently-used clothing, play mats, and books. For a full list of the things they accept, please see the site.

You may drop off your items in-person, using the convenient curbside service. Alternatively, you may pay a tax-deductible fee for a messenger to deliver the things for you.

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