How to Pack a Flat Screen Television for Moving or Storage

How to Pack a Flat Screen Television for Moving or Storage

It pays to be careful when you are packing your TV for a move. After all, it is both cumbersome and expensive, which is never a good combination. Fortunately, you can follow a few steps to make the process as painless as possible.

1. Find a Box and Gather Supplies

As our team of local New York movers would tell you, using the right tools makes all the difference. That means that finding those supplies is the first step.

Finding a box is the best place to start since it can take a little while. You should use the original packaging if you have it, since that guarantee a perfect fit. However, if, like most people, you threw it away, you need a replacement. You can buy special moving boxes for flat screens, but you might be able to get one for free. Go to local electronics stores that sell your model and see if they have a spare box for a display item. If none of them do, you can ask any friends that bought a TV recently.

If all else fails, you can use a larger box and add lots of padding, but that isn’t ideal. If you do that, make sure that you include packaging to hold the TV in place. Towels or blankets are your best bet, but you can also use bubble wrap. Regardless of the material, be sure to put the TV in a bag before it goes in the box to make sure nothing scratches the screen.

2. Dismount from the Wall and Organize Cables

Take a picture of your TV and its cables before you unplug anything. You’ll be able to use the photo to make sure all the wires go in the right place when you hook your TV up in its new home.

After you take the pictures, label the cables and unplug them. Use whichever labeling method is easiest for you, if it is clear, and the labels are durable.

After that, you can take your TV off the wall. If you still have the manual, or if you can find it on the Internet, follow the instructions it provides for dismounting it. If not, you can try the most common procedure. Identify the security screws, clamps, or bars that hold the TV in place, and then remove them. After that, you can gently lift the TV up off the mount. Be sure to get help with the lifting, and have an observer handy to look out for problems.

3. Carefully Pack and Transport

The final step is putting the TV in the box. Cover your TV with a bag for protection, and add a layer of padding on the outside before it goes in the box. Lift the TV as carefully as you can, and slip it into the packaging. Be sure to keep it upright while doing so to prevent damage. Once it is in place, you can fill in any gaps in the packaging.

Seal the box carefully to make sure it doesn’t spill out during transportation. Add a label that says which end is up to prevent it from getting flipped around, and you’re ready to put your TV on the moving truck. Be sure to put it somewhere that nothing will strike it, and try to put it between sturdy objects so it will stay upright.

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