How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving to A New Apartment

How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving to A New Apartment

When it comes to packing your apartment, you likely have questions about where to start, what materials to use, and how to wrap your fragile items, like your wine glasses. This delicate stemware is made with elegance, rather than durability in mind, so it’s essential that you take extra precautions when preparing it for the move. The last thing you want is to arrive at your new home, only to discover half of your glasses have shattered in transport. Here, we’ll detail the best technique for packing your wine glasses for your upcoming move.

1. Gather the Proper Materials

For starters, make sure you have the right moving supplies on hand before you start packing:

  • A wine glass box with cardboard dividers: Also called a glass pack kit, this special moving box comes with a grid of cardboard dividers that partition the box into twelve separate cells. The dividers keep the glasses from shifting during transit, while also preventing them from clanking against each other and getting chipped or broken. This type of box is also perfect for packing wine bottles.
  • Tissue or packing paper: It’s essential to thoroughly wrap each glass and fill any excess space in the box. Packing paper is ideal for both aims.
  • Fragile stickers: Adding these splashy red labels to your boxes helps you remember to handle your breakables with care.
  • Packing tape: Packing tape is the finishing touch to seal your boxes and keep the contents from spilling out during the move.

Now that you have the needed materials, it’s time to start packing:

2. Wrap Each Glass

Start by scrunching packing or tissue paper into a ball and filling the inside of the glass. Then, lay out another sheet of packing paper and angle a glass diagonally across the bottom corner. Pick up the edge of the paper and wrap it around the entire glass. Continue rolling the paper around the glass until you get about halfway across the sheet. Then, fold the ends of the paper around the top and bottom of the glass and continue rolling. Tape the final corner of the paper to keep it from unraveling. Filling the glass and wrapping it provides additional structural support to your stemware.

3. Place in the Box

Make sure the divider is placed in the box creating twelve equal cells. Stuff a ball of packing paper into the first section to cushion the bottom of the box. Take the first wrapped wine glass and place in this cell. Fill any extra space between the top of the glass and the top of the box. Repeat steps two and three until each wine glass is packed. If you have empty sections, be sure to fill these with extra packing paper.

4. Seal and Label the Box

Once all the glasses are wrapped and in the box, seal the box using high-quality packing tape. Use “fragile” stickers on all sides of the box or simply write “FRAGILE” using a Sharpie or permanent marker.

Now that you’ve correctly packed your wine glasses, they’ll have a better chance of making it to your new apartment. As you unpack, you can locate your box of wine glasses; then pop open a bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate your successful move! If you’d rather have professional help, call our NYC moving and storage team. The best cheap movers in NYC, we offer reliable moving services at affordable rates to make your move better!